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Amazon has always been well known as a on-line bookseller, which they are but now there is so much more. You can explore their broad selection of book titles which include selections from well known Christian authors as C.S. Lewis, Philip Yancey, Max Lucado and many more. But as well as all the book titles to choose from, now also contains music, DVD and video, toys and games, electronics and software, and home improvement items as well. The site is divided into many categories and sub-categories to assist you in your search for the perfect gift. Check out their customers comments to see what other people have said about a gift that you may be considering.’s vast selection is well worth the visit alone.

It has been brought to our attention since writing this review that, in's desire to provide the largest selection of book and video titles, they also sell pornographic material on their site. We have been told that they have been asked to remove the questionable material from their site many times by many groups but they have refused. does not support or promote the sale of pornography and we wish to appologize for any misconceptions that may have come from our web site review.



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