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Reading and using the following tips will make all the difference to your success in using this service and finding your ideal partner, please read them carefully.
Try to always make the first move! Don’t just sit and wait for other members to send you a message. Making the first move will show you are a go-getter and will improve your chances considerably. Always try to reply promptly to emails you have received, don’t worry about looking too keen, replying promptly shows good manners.

Make sure you have a photo displayed with your profile, many members will only respond to profiles with photos. When choosing your main photo, a good clear 'head and shoulders' shot that shows you looking happy. It will make all the difference!
You can upload your photo directly from the site or you can post us your photo via our freepost address and we will scan and add your photo for you for FREE!

Make sure your profile is correct and your description is accurate and sounds genuine, sincere and interesting, read it back to yourself, put yourself in the shoes of the person who will be reading it, would you want to meet you? You can click on "Edit My Profile" at any time to change it.

Before you start sending out your emails spend some time writing your email in a word processor program such as "Word" or "Notepad", you can then easily cut and paste it into the dating site emailer saving you time typing it out again and again.

Take a long hard look at what you have written, ask yourself whether you would want to reply if you had received it.

Don't just come straight out with one-liners like "You sound nice, can we meet up?". Tell them about yourself, your hobbies and interests, make yourself sound interesting, don't just say "I have a good sense of humour and like a laugh", write something funny and show them you really do like a laugh.

Read their profile, what are their interests and hobbies? Show that you are interested in the same things.

Above all be honest, lying will get you nowhere as you will be found out sooner rather than later and will most definitely loose any chances of a relationship at the same time.

NEVER mention sex or imply you are just looking for sex, that is a big turn off and will make most people run a mile!

Don't send out dozens of emails all at once, send out a few at first and if you don't get the desired response take another look at what you are sending out and what you have written on your profile - do a rewrite if necessary.

Got the idea?.... now the rest is up to you.... Good Luck.

You can click on "My Messages" at any time to see who you have sent an email to, and who you have received emails from.




Dating Direct UK