Holiday Apartments in Spain

Holiday Apartments in Spain

Holiday Apartments in Spain

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What do the accommodation descriptions mean?

Apartment: seperate unit in a building with living room and a minimum of 1 bedroom
Bungalow: freestanding house with 1 floor
Country house: house on a large piece of land
Villa:(free standing) large dwelling-house
An accommodation can be in more types. holidaysrental selects the accommodation that is most applicable for you

What about arrival and departure times?

You will receive the arrival and departure times together with your travel documents. Arrival is often from 4 o'clock in the afternoon and departure is usually 10 o'clock in the morning, however you will find the exact times within your travel documents. If you plan on arriving or leaving either earlier or later than the given time, then you must contact your contact person on-site at least 72 hours in advance. If you would prefer to let holidaysrental take care of this, you can therefore contact our reservations department: +31 228 59 26 26 or and one of holidaysrentals' employees will be eager to be of service.


What do the abbreviations mean?

Pd: per day
Pp: per person
Pu: per hour
Pw: per week
results page: the page where the results which you searched for are displayed. You can see this page once you have given your search instructions.
Accommodation page: this page has detailed information on the accommodation. You can access this page, through the results page by clicking on 'Information'.
Costs page: this page gives you an overview of the costs of the house for your chosen period. You can see this page after you have chosen your travel date.
travel date page: the page where you select your arrival and departure dates. You will see this page after you have chosen an accommodation.


What about (travel) insurance?

It is very important that you take out travel- and/or cancellation insurance. In case of problems you can fall back on our partner Unigarant. With your reservation, you can indicate whether or not you will take out insurances. To view our terms, you can send an email to and these terms will then be sent to you via email. Naturally, holidaysrentals' employees will be also be eager to help via our telephone service on 0031 228 59 26 26.

When will I get the travel documents (route description, eventual voucher) for my travel?

If the holiday is more than 6 weeks from your reserved arrival date, you will receive the travel documents about 4-6 weeks before departure via email. If it is less than 6 weeks until your reserved departure, the you will receive the travel documents as soon as possible via email. The travel documents contain, among other things, a confirmation of the reservation, route description, details of your contact person onsite, the address of the house you have rented, arrival and departure times and other important information about the accommodation.

    Holiday Apartments in Spain