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Nike Shoes - Men's Nike Implosion Mid Shoe Review

The first thing you need to know about the Air Court Implosion Mid shoes is that they run about a half size small (like many Nike shoes). All of our testers had to wear a half size larger than normal. After a brief break-in period though, most playtesters found the Nike Air Court Implosion Mid to provide a soft and cushioned ride. Dan begins, "I was surprised at how comfortable these shoes could feel while providing such a low-to-ground feel. Although there was some tightness in the toe box during initial testing they broke in nicely." Granville comments, "the shoes were tight from the first time I put them on, especially in the toe box. I have a narrow foot and it still seemed to be a tight fit. Fortunately, I prefer a tight fit and after a short break-in period they were fine. These are the first Zoom Air shoes I've worn and I could feel the extra cushioning beneath the mid-foot." John adds, "initially, the shoes felt awkward on my feet. They pinched a bit in the forefoot area and the collar in the back was uncomfortable to my Achilles. However, by the time I put them to use on court I found the shoes to be extremely comfortable. As with previous models Zoom Air is a beneficial feature for comfort." Randy offers, "these shoes felt very good out of the box. I noticed that the mesh was very comfortable on my entire foot. The feel of the toe box did take some getting used to though." Danny continues, "the low-to-ground feel did not affect the great cushioning these shoes provide from heel to toe."

Overall Sole Durability
The Air Court Implosion Mids are equipped with a herringbone designed outsole and DRC (Nike's Durable Rubber Compound). Considering the low-to-the-ground design our testers found better than expected sole durability. John shares, "during the playtest period I did not experience any noticeable signs of wear. The Implosion Mids are low profile shoes with a somewhat thin outsole construction in the forefoot area. They're equipped with DRC, which showed no telling wear during my playtest." Danny adds, "the Men's Air Court Implosion Mids are the most durable Nike shoes I have ever worn. I noticed very limited signs of outsole and toe wear during my playtest period." Granville comments, "the wear pattern seems fairly typical. First indications were on the ball of my foot, followed by the outside corner of the heel. I did not notice any premature wear on the outsoles."

Dan continues, "I had reservations regarding durability due to the thin outsole construction of the Implosion Mids. However, I found this particular herringbone tread pattern to hold up quite well under trying hard-court conditions. Some midfoot wear was evident over five weeks of play but nothing too damaging." Randy ends, "the Implosion Mids held up admirably (from heel to toe) throughout my playtest."

Men's Nike Implosion.

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