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euroffice is an online provider of products and services focusing on the needs of the small-to-mid sized European businesses.

Three entrepreneurs founded euroffice in London in October 1999. Their business vision was inspired by the challenges they experienced running small-to-mid sized businesses in Europe and Internationally.

Large Corporations are able to rely on their purchasing clout to secure low prices and a high level of service. They also dedicate significant resources to managing the purchasing process. In contrast, smaller businesses do not have this luxury. They must commit their energies to running their primary business.

euroffice is dedicated to becoming an extension of your business. It will aggregate the purchasing power of many small businesses, while at the same time providing a high level of service and personalisation. This is made possible through web-enabled tools.

What you see on our site today is only the beginning of what is to come. We hope you enjoyed visiting our site and that you stay with us as we expand our offering and purchasing tools.















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