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Telecomblue is regarded as the UKs biggest supplier of FREE mobile phones . By only providing free phones through direct channels, without the need for shops, we have kept our costs as low as they can be, allowing us to offer you the customer the best possible deal.

With offices and fulfillment houses throughout the UK, they are able to offer an un-paralleled level of service, with a genuine next day delivery.

telecomblue is part of the chaosblue LTD group of companies. chaosblue is a UK based supplier of SMS broadcasting throughout Europe, with many global clients. telecomblue was established just over 2 years ago to operate the domestic side of telecommunications, and has been incredibly successful in its first 2 years of trading, both on and off the internet.

Nokia 8310 Review

The brand new Nokia 8310 is in my opinion, the world’s best phone. It’s features are jam packed, especially since it is such a tiny little thing! It is about the same size as a Nokia 8210, but with amazing features. For those of you who haven’t seen or heard of a Nokia 8310, it is 98mm x 43mm, the smallest phone I have ever seen or held (which is not a flip-out phone. It weighs just 84g too, which is very, very light!

The Nokia 8310 talktime is just as expected for any new Nokia phone, as Nokia phones have a reputation of having long lasting talktime and standy times. This phone has a standby of 100-300 hours, or 8 hours with the radio on (yes, radio! See below) It’s talktime ranges from 2 hours 15 minutes to 4 hours, which is very impressive.

Now, to the phones features. Firstly, the FM radio available on the phone. You can listen to the radio whilst on the move with this phone, and you can even do it whilst playing games, sending a text message, browse the web or even answer incoming calls!

As with many other recent mobile phones, the Nokia 8310 has WAP, which stands for Wireless Application Protocol. In other words, the phone has mobile internet. You can check the latest football results, read the news by the minute, play games, check cinema listings, and much more using just your phone. But unlike most WAP phones, the Nokia 8310 supports GPRS, meaning you get instant access to the net.

The Nokia 8310 has three voice features – voice command, voice recording and voice dialing. Firstly, voice command – you can use voice command to change profiles or to start the radio. With voice recording, you can record a message up to 3 minutes in length. Lastly, voice dialing – you simply hold down the menu button and say the name of the person you want to call, and you the phone will call them! You can have up to 10 names available for voice dialing. The Nokia 8310 is the world’s first phone to have all three of these features in one, whilst many other phones have just one or two of these features.

As with most Nokia phones, the Nokia 8310 has games to play. There are 3 games on this phone – Bumper, Snake II and Pairs II. The only new game is Bumper, whilst Snake II and Pairs II are already available on other Nokia phones such as Nokia 3310.

There are 35 ringtones already available on the phone, and you can also create up to 5 of your own ringtones. You can download these ringtones from the internet, for example, you could have your favorite song or soap as your ringtone! It is very easy to download a ringtone, as all you have to do is key in the numbers on the screen. You can just go to a search engine and type in something like “free nokia ringtones” and a list of sites will come up. Alternatively, you can have someone else send a ringtone to you – whether it is your friend sending a ringtone from their phone or a company sending you one (you call up the company and tell them which ringtone you want; but calls cost about £1.50 per minute)

The Nokia 8310 has a vibrating alert feature, so the phone will vibrate when you get an incoming call or a text message. This is very handy when you need to have your phone on in a quiet place eg. The cinema, as you can set the phone to vibrate but have no ringtone/sound coming out of it. Or you can have both on at the same time (ringtone and vibrating alert)

The Nokia 8310 phonebook stores up to 500 names – enough for almost anyone. Most phones have a 100 number memory, but this is just another feature of the Nokia 8310 which adds to the others. You can also store 150 text messages and 50 picture messages, or any combination of these two (eg. 200 text messages and no picture messages). If you are one of those people who are sick of other people asking to see your phone, and then finding that they read you messages, then this is the phone for you. Why? Because the Nokia 8310 has message folders, which is unlike almost all other phones, so your snoopy friends will only look in the inbox, whilst you can simply save all your messages in another folder! Smart! There is also a to-do list, which can store up to 30 memos, and calendar notes, which you can store up to 250 notes on.

As I have mentioned, you can store up to 200 text messages and save them in different folders. You can also use predictive text when writing a message, which makes it very easy and fast to send a text message.

The thing that catches ones’ eye when they first see the Nokia 8310 is the covers. You can buy 9 covers for the Nokia 8310, and I am sure that more unofficial ones will be released soon. The phone looks amazing at a first glance, as the front cover has two different colours – making the phone look like it has 3 covers – a top, a middle and a bottom.

Other features on the phone include a calculator, stopwatch, countdown timer, phone profiles, clock, alarm clock, currency converter, white lit screen, 5 line text on screen (most phones have 4) and infrared applications.

Overall, the Nokia 8310 is a superb phone. With WAP, an FM radio, changeable covers, a long lasting battery, voice recorder, huge memory and infrared features, this phone is a must by for anyone – it’s list of features goes on, and it one of the smallest phones available in the world. The only problem with it is the huge price – you can currently only buy it on contract, at £149.99 per month (plus you pay monthly for at least a year), but if you buy it with no chip (offline, so you can just put your pay as you go chip in it), you will be set back around £300!

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